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Your Beauty Salon is Not as Safe as You May Think

Never assume that just because your beauty salon business is doing well that nothing can go wrong. Instead, be aware that you can always face a costly lawsuit. This is one reason why industry analysts believe every salon should have comprehensive insurance. You should get in touch with the knowledgeable staff at Lifetime Investments to find out more about these policies.

To help you become more familiar with what can happen, the following are some common problems faced by salon owners in Mesa, AZ and beyond.

1.Your Stylists Can Make a Professional Mistake

If your salon has achieved any amount of success, you have probably had to hire employees. Even the smallest hair care businesses have two to three staff members. Some work full time, others are on-call. Nevertheless, to clients, these stylists represent the business.  

When something goes wrong, clients rarely threaten the individual who made the mistake; instead, they come for the owner.

Your employees, despite being independent contractors, will probably not have any form of professional insurance. Moreover, they might have any assets to pay off a lawsuit judgment. These are reasons why angry clients will sue you rather than the stylist who did something wrong.

2. You Can Be Held Liable For Products Sold

Selling beauty supplies is smart business. Clients are already in the right frame of mind to make a purchase. They have just gotten a new hairdo and will want to maintain it for as long as possible. You can strategically place hair products that will help them do so.

Yes, hair care supplies can be a good source of income. However, since you have them in your shop, you could be held accountable for certain defects.

Buyers have been known to sue. You can be held at fault, especially if you sold to a minor or something you said was taken as a product endorsement. The very fact that you display the items in a conspicuous place in the salon could be seen as vouching for their safety.

Get Adequate Salon Insurance Now

As you can see, your salon is not as safe as you may have thought.

The wise move is to get comprehensive salon insurance now. Do not lose everything you worked hard to build. Speak with the professionals at Lifetime Investments about the best policy for your Mesa, AZ business.


Are Notaries Responsible for Their Notarial Acts?

If you’re a notary in the Mesa, AZ area, you may not be clear if you are responsible for any errors or omissions you make. The answer is yes. You can be held personally and financially responsible. As a notary, you can be held liable for any amount of damage caused by any act that might be considered misconduct when performing a notarization for someone. Even if you work for a company and perform a notary service while you are working, you are can be held personally responsible.

The notary commission belongs to you, not your employer.  Because you are personally accountable for your seal and journal, it means you are responsible for any official acts you perform.  Your employer may carry business liability insurance, but this may not protect you from liability. It is important to carry your own notary errors and omissions insurance to make sure you are covered if someone does file a lawsuit against you.

Even if someone thinks you made a mistake, he or she can sue you. While you may not be found in error, the cost of managing a lawsuit can be staggering.   Notary errors and omissions insurance is not legally required, but it can provide protection for you personally. Notary insurance can cover the cost of lawsuits and claims that result from an unintentional error up to the policy’s limit. This can include court costs, legal fees, and other expenses you may incur.

Lifetime Investments

Lifetime Investments is an independent agency providing insurance needs for those in the Mesa, AZ area. Contact one of our agents to explore how notary errors and omissions insurance can help protect you. An agent will take the time to search for the right notary coverage to fit your needs.

How Does Extreme Heat Affect My Car?

Living in sunny Mesa, AZ will give you a break from the cold weather, but it also brings the extreme temperatures for part of the year. It’s good to know how the extreme heat can affect your vehicle so you can manage the effects because extreme temperatures take a toll on any vehicle. Here are some items to look out for:

  • High temperatures can cause dry rot in your tires because the rubber begins to dry out.  It can also cause an increase in air tire pressure, which makes the tire run on less surface area and wears out the center of the tire faster than the edges.  Monitor the air pressure to avoid uneven wear.
  • UV light causes damage to the interior of the car. The dashboard can fade, and direct sunlight can damage a touch screen over time. It’s best to park in the shade, but when you’re not able to, use a windshield sun shade.
  • The summer heat can evaporate the water in your battery, which it needs to run properly. If the water evaporates, it will expose the lead plates in the battery causing it to have serious issues. Monitor the battery or have it serviced regularly in the high-heat months.
  • Extreme heat can cause stress to many areas of the car. From the different fluids, it needs to run all the way down to the windshield-wiper blades. Check fluid levels regularly and keep your engine clean because it will run cooler.

Lifetime Investments

Lifetime Investments is an Arizona-based independent agency providing insurance in the Mesa, AZ area.  Contact an experienced and friendly Lifetime agent today, and we will help you save time and money shopping around for the best insurance policy or package to fit your unique needs.

Equipment in Transit: Who is Liable for Damage?

Whether you are purchasing a new piece of equipment, returning it at the end of a lease, or selling it to a customer, it is important to determine who will be liable should damage occur in transit.  Accidents can happen on the road as well as while the equipment is being loaded or unloaded. Lifetime Investments in Mesa, AZ knows how a damaged piece of equipment can result in a significant loss to a company if not adequately insured.  

Who is Responsible if a Piece of Equipment is Damaged in Transit?

The responsibility of damage will typically fall on either the company handling the transit or the company that holds to title to the piece of equipment.

Shipping Company

Some shipping will ask for a value of the equipment that you are shipping.  They will include a fee to insure up to the amount you complete on the bill of lading.  If the equipment is damaged while in transit due to traffic accident or theft, the company will cover you up to the amount you are insured.  If the freight company does not include coverage in their price, they will ask you to provide a certificate of coverage.  For companies such as UPS and FedEx, they only include up to $100 of coverage unless you insure it for an additional value for an added expense.

Title Holder

If your freight company does not provide insurance coverage, the cost for damage will fall to the title holder at the time that the piece of equipment becomes damaged.  This should be established before shipping so that the company who owns it can be sure to have proper coverage on it.  

For example, if you are returning a leased piece of equipment and your lease does not end until the equipment is received, the leasing company is the title owner, and you are just the lessee so their insurance would typically cover the piece unless your contract specifies otherwise.  If you sell a piece of equipment and you have accepted payment and transferred the title to the new owner, you will want to make sure that they have coverage in place on it before it is shipped.

If you want to know whether or not your equipment will be properly covered in transit or to find out more about equipment coverage, contact the skilled agents at Lifetime Investments in Mesa, AZ today for more information or to get a commercial business quote.


Tips to Keep Home Insurance in Your Budget

Your home insurance is a vital means of keeping your home safe, but that doesn’t mean it’s not tempting to want to get the lowest possible coverage available. Instead of sacrificing on the amount of protection you and your family have though, consider the following tips to keep home insurance in your budget if you live in Mesa, AZ. 

Preparation Counts 

When it comes to your home, you need to think about the more common potential problems that might arise there, so that you can do everything possible to prevent them. For example, an alarm system that will scare off criminals, or thoroughly winterizing your home during the fall. You may want to consider redoing the roof so it can stand up to heavy snows or harsh winds. These measures make it far less likely you’ll see major damage on your home, and can help you keep your home insurance costs down. 

Stay Alert 

If you live in Mesa, AZ, the best way to keep home insurance in your budget is to have all the facts in front of you. Often, this means asking questions from a trustworthy source. If you want to learn more about how your deductible, valuables and lifestyle affect what you pay every month for your insurance, then call Lifetime Investments for more information. We’re happy to tell you about how everything works in regards to your particular home needs. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we take the time to know you, your family, and your priorities for customized advice and guidance. 

Lifetime Investments knows that those who prepare for the worst are also the ones who sleep easier at night. Give us a call if you’re looking to find out more about our rates, services, or policies.