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How to Get Notary Insurance in Arizona

In Arizona, all notaries are required to buy and maintain a $5,000 notary surety bond that must be valid for their full four-year commission. The notary bond offers protection against monetary losses that are caused by improper conduct by an Arizona notary, however, the bond does not offer insurance protection. For additional protection, a notary can purchase and errors and omissions (E&O) insurance policy that protects the notary against unintended errors or omissions that cause financial harm to others. For example, E&O insurance protects against the following scenarios:

  • Having your name placed in a lawsuit, even if you’re completely innocent
  • Protection against a criminal falsifying your commission information in order to forge your signature on a document without your permission or knowledge

If you’re looking for further protection as a notary, contact Lifetime Investments—which serves Mesa, AZ.

Step One: Purchase a four-year, $5,000 notary bond

You must fill out an application with the Arizona Secretary of State’s website to become a notary. You’ll be asked for your notary bond number, the notary bond issue date and effective date, and the bonding company name.

The bond effective date on your application must be within the 30-day period between when you purchase the bond and the state receives your application.

Step Two: Finish and Print Your Notary Application

After completing your online application, print out the paperwork, take it to a notary and have them execute an “Oath of Office,” which you’ll sign, and then mail the application and notary bond to the Arizona Secretary of State.

Step Three: Order Your Supplies

Finally, you can order your notary supplies, such as a record book and a self-inking stamp. After this, you’re ready to begin!

If you’re looking for further protection as a notary, contact Lifetime Investments, which serves Mesa, AZ, for information on E&O insurance. Some of the benefits of E&O insurance include:

  • Legal representation by an expert in notary law
  • Your legal fees, claim, and court costs are paid for
  • You often don’t have to pay a deductible or pay back any losses

Auto Insurance Tips for New Car Buyers

Buying a new car is always exciting; most first-time car buyers are caught up in the moment, and they fail to carry out enough research on the car’s insurance. At Lifetime Investments we have identified the common challenges new car buyers in Mesa, AZ face and come up with the following helpful tips.

Become conversant with the various auto insurance types
As a vehicle owner, you are obligated to know about the different types of insurance policies available to you. Luckily, the internet has made this possible. Compare policies from different providers and make your choice depending on parameters such as coverage, additional benefits, claim settlement ratio, and so on.

Know how your vehicle type will affect your premium
A luxury sports car will incur more insurance premiums than a regular car. Besides, the insurance cover might not include any modifications to your car. The only modification that could reduce your premium amount is installing a tracking device.

Understand the terms of your policy
By applying for an insurance policy, you will be getting into a contract with the insurance provider. Ensure that you read through the policy document to understand all the terms and conditions.

Keep in mind that a clean record will reduce your premium
Most insurance companies will agree to reduce your premium once you prove that you are a low-risk driver. 

Review your insurance needs every year

Depreciation and other factors affect the premiums you should pay. Further, life changes could cause you to change your policy coverage to cater for additional needs. With yearly reviews, you can add or retract your policy coverage to fit your specific needs at that point.

Lifetime Investments is dedicated to providing Mesa, AZ and the neighboring communities with customized auto insurance policies. Visit our website for a free auto insurance quote. 

Do You Need Commercial Insurance For Your Barber Shop?

Everyone desires a quality haircut, and that is why modern barbershops are in high demand in Mesa, AZ and other parts of the United States. It’s no secret that most of us prefer the barbershops that offer top-notch service, a relaxing atmosphere and a wide range of exciting haircuts.

As a barber, your typical appointment with a client will involve some friendly chitchat followed by some light preparation, a shave, color, or cut. This might seem something simple and straightforward but there is always a chance that something unexpected can happen and if it does, you could face an expensive lawsuit.

This is the primary reason why you need a commercial insurance policy from Lifetime Investments today to help protect your business from unforeseen risks. Here are some of the top reasons why you need a commercial insurance policy for your barber shop.

Your Client May Sue You for Negligence

Did you know that one of your clients in could sue you for professional negligence if their color or haircut comes out completely different from what they expected? What will do if you find yourself in such a scenario? A customer may also sue you if he/she discovers that the chemicals you used led to severe injuries.

Luckily, professional liability insurance covers such claims that are related to professional services. Keep in mind that you are always dealing with harsh chemicals, sharp tools, and sensitive body parts.

Protect Your Equipment and Supplies

A commercial insurance policy for your barber shop from Lifetime Investments will also help protect your equipment and supplies that you own. The coverage offers you protection from theft to loss of equipment and supplies in a fire or any other covered natural disaster. A commercial insurance policy will provide various types of coverages that apply to a wide range of events.

Replace Lost Business Income

The occurrence of a natural disaster that affected your barber shop could mean that you are unable to run your business for some time which could lead to loss of income. The business income coverage will help cover the loss of income you may incur during this period.

Do you run a barber shop in Mesa, AZ? Is your barbershop not yet insured? Talk to us today for a customer-friendly barber insurance policy.

Home Insurance for a Vacation Home

There special considerations for home insurance for a vacation home that may be rented for part of the year or left unoccupied. The easiest way to deal with this is to get an insurance review from your agent at Lifetime Investments serving Mesa, AZ and the surrounding area.

Vacation Homes Have Special Risks

Because a vacation home is not always owner-occupied; there are special risks that need to be considered when protecting the vacation home with insurance. Renters may need to have their own renter’s insurance for their personal items in the home. Moreover, if there are going to be renters that occupy the home for a portion of the year, then there needs to be commercial insurance in place for using the property as a rental property. If the home is not occupied by renters and left vacant it has additional exposure to theft, vandalism, and damages from not being maintained properly.

Insurance Coverage for Vacation Homes

Just because vacation home has special risks does not mean that insurance coverage is not available. All you need to do is have a consultation with your insurance agent at Lifetime Investments serving Mesa, AZ, and simply be honest about what is happening with a vacation home. Tell your agent, who will be occupying it, how long it will be vacant, and so forth.

Also, tell your agent if you plan on having renters and how much time during the year the home will not be occupied. In this way, your agent can customize insurance coverage to take care of the risks that are particular to your vacation home and provide a good solution.


Depending on who will occupy the home and how often they will be occupied, vacation homes have special needs for insurance coverage. It is best to contact your agent today to get an insurance review to make sure there is adequate coverage.

Why Would A Notary Need Insurance?

A Notary Public has "official" status in that the individual is appointed by the secretary of state. The Notary Public performs a ministerial task of identifying a person’s signature.  A person who becomes a Notary Public is said to be "commissioned" under the authority of law to notarize signatures. A Notary Public ensures the legal integrity of the notarized document to:

*    validate the identity of the person signing  a document with the presentation of valid identification with a photo ID to deter fraud
*    witness the signature of the person while the document is signed 
*    verify that the person understands  the meaning of the document

The signature of the person has the same effect of swearing under oath to a court of law that the facts in the document are true.  The Notary then must affix a seal and identify the date that the Notary notarized the document and the date and place of his or her commission.  Thus, the Notary Public has assumed essential responsibilities under the law and will face serious legal consequences for breaching these responsibilities. 

Because of the potential liability of violating the public trust, official misconduct, dishonesty, fraud or deceit, the notary public must obtain Errors and Omissions Insurance.  E & O is liability coverage for acts not considered an intentional violation of the Notary Public Act but in the category of negligence or mistakes and the notary’s client suffers a  financial loss.   Without E & O the notary’s assets are protected, and with significant client financial losses, the notary can avoid bankruptcy.  In the worst case scenario, a notary can be deceived by identity theft.  Nonetheless, the notary faces full personal liability for any act. 

In Mesa, AZ, Lifetime Investments will advise you as to the importance of Notary Public Insurance.  Please call!