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It is not always easy to convert the kind of service one seeks to provide clients to an identifiable “value” they recognize and appreciate.  Marketing speaks of benefits of features, but most references to the quality of client service that transmits to the greater message of, “Why do business with me?” often falls under the category of, “Everyone makes those statements – very few live up to them!”

When I speak from my heart that the undergirding of my customer service is “Without me, all you have is insurance,” I am referring to the dedication I seek to provide in terms of time, knowledge, empathy, concern and consideration for the uniquely individual needs each client brings to me.  Being taught to be humble, I always find it far better to let my clients speak for me – about the real experience they have had, and the impact it made on their insurance choices. Each is an unsolicited statement received in a card or an email…

Thank you so much for clarifying the insurance issues; I would be lost without you!
~ Lesa

Just a note to let you know how much you have been on my mind. I have always thought a lot of you – not only from the professional you are, but for the great and caring person you are.  You are the Best!
~ Victoria

Thank you so much for covering my car insurance – never really “got” the stuff – been through everything again!   Thank you.  P.S.  Above and beyond… that’s what makes you so great!   Thanks again.
~ Andrea S.

Thank you for your prompt, efficient, friendly assistance!  You’re great, I hope they pay you well!
~ McGrew Engineering




Testimonial: T R Stearns

Jan Vitale came highly referred from a long-term professional relationship through my spouse. It is not easy to make wise choices about a topic that is so wrought with requirements and guidelines, and limitations and unique considerations! Jan seems to have a way of taking you by the hand – sharing enough of her many years of industry knowledge to know you have secured the right product and coverage for your own unique needs.  Although I find Arizona insurance far more expensive than that in my former rural Idaho, I do find her approach to providing stellar customer service meets or exceeds that of small-town America.


T. R. Stearns, Eds

~ Gilbert, Arizona

Arizona’s Competitive Pricing for Homeowner’s Insurance

Arizona Homeowner's InsuranceDid you know… you shop for more than competitive pricing when securing Arizona Homeowner’s Insurance?

Arizona offers competitive pricing for homeowners insurance because the market is vastly controlled by a limited few national homeowners insurance carriers. Price, however, actually becomes less important to customers who understand the competitive pricing and the underlying value of comprehensive coverage, quality customer service and easy access to online tools.

In a recent report, four primary carriers were listed as having the lion’s share of coverage in the state: Allstate, American Family, Farmers Insurance and State Farm. Controlling the market share, however, does not always mean homeowners are getting the best in service and product! In fact, I find a distinct advantage of being an independent agent; it allows me to represent numerous other “preferred” companies who are equally competitive and often far more customer-centric is their service.

These companies also work with me to enhance my own education within the industry, and share much of that knowledge with clients who choose to be “aware” in the process of making wise insurance choices.

Standard coverage and myriad options help me “package” home insurance programs that provide the greatest benefit to each client’s unique needs. Together with all the “tools” offered to make insurance considerations more convenient to the insured, technology also allows me to offer higher quality, hands-on relationships with clients.

Quick and easy quotes, information on coverage options, discounts and discussions about how to reduce premiums are the normal course of my day, as I am often faced with my underlying philosophy that “Without me… all you have is insurance!” It is the extra mile I travel to represent my clients when shopping for products and filing claims… I remove the feelings of overwhelm, confusion and frustration.

Its all about Community! Queen Creek AZ

At the end of the day – when you build a business based on relationships, it is necessary to embrace the idea of “community.”

Its all about community - Queen Creek AZWhen you live, love and work in a particular community, it is important to know what is going on – so you can engage and participate at a higher level. As an Independent Insurance Agent, a large portion of my business comes from the East Valley population in Queen Creek.

I get excited when I someone lets me know the fun events that bind community members, so I wanted to share a few online connections I use – in hopes you can stay a little more involved and take advantage of the activities designed to strengthen the sense of Queen Creek’s own style of “connective community!”

Request a Visitor’s Guide:


Community Guide:

http://www.queencreek.org/community The “Community” menu highlights services, facilities and programs available to residents including a downloadable Community Guide, list of community organizations, recreation classes and information on how to pay your utility bill. Easy-smeasy – just click on an action word on left navigation menu to see what options are available.

How I Stay Connected:

It has been said, “Aspiring minds want to know.” That is important to me. I want to know who my clients are, what things are important to them, and how I might best support them by showing up and truly connecting with them there – where they live and play. Aside from using Google Alerts, this link is the “tool” I use; I thought you might want to know where you can find events that might enrich your lives. http://azcentral.eventsabout.com/events.aspx?city=Queen%20Creek

Making MORE happen for my insurance clients…

Jan Vitale

Arizona Independent Insurance Agent
Proudly serving her clients and her industry for 30+ years

5 Tips to Reduce Commercial Insurance Risks This Holiday Season

Mesa AZ Holiday HayridesCommercial Insurance is an important consideration in every location, even here in Mesa, Arizona! When you take a hayride for the holidays you must take all the necessary precautions to ensure your safety. You must sit down instead of stand, you ensure that your bundle of hay is neatly stacked so you won’t topple off the truck, and you ensure the person providing the ride is experienced, right? If you reduce your risks to go on a hayride for the holidays, why allow your business to be exposed to risks that could potentially jeopardize continual operations?

As managers and small business owners, you shouldn’t think that your hands are tied when it comes to reducing risks in your organization. In fact, it should be your top priority because reducing risks help reduce the cost of your commercial insurance. The following are five ways your organization can limit its exposure and save money this holiday season.

Reduce the Probability of Incurring a Risk

Imposing stricter safety precautions is a win-win situation for everyone involved: the business, employees, and the insurance company. You must reduce risky behaviors. For instance, if you employ truck drivers, don’t allow them to talk on their cellphones while they are behind the wheel.

Reduce the Impact of Loss

Believe it or not, dated processes within your business that expose your employees to danger can increase your insurance policies. Fortunately, you can talk to experts who will help you create better business processes that help protect your employees from on the job accidents, which will help you reduce the cost of risks by mitigating the impact of a loss.

Transfer Loss

Yes, you don’t have to carry the entire burden when you enter into business contracts. Have a lawyer look over your documents and strategically reassign some of the risks associated with doing the type of business you are involved in.

Change the Direction of the Risk

Risks can be either negative or positive. As a business owner or manager you must increase the possibility of exposing your business to positive risks—risks that help your company prosper in the long run. Insurance agents that understand managing risks can easily devise a Risk Management Plan tailored to your business operations.

Look Out for Risk Triggers

Risk triggers are signals that a risk event has occurred or is about to occur. By knowing your risks (identified early in the process of managing risks) and risk triggers you can prepare an appropriate response to reduce the impact and the severity of the risk and its triggers.

The holidays are a joyous occasion for everyone. You can keep the festivities positive by managing your risks this holiday season. Instead of reacting, every business in Mesa must proactively manage risks to reduce their costs and protect their operations.

Making MORE happen for my insurance clients…

Jan Vitale

Arizona Independent Insurance Agent
Proudly serving her clients and her industry for 30+ years