The People Who Come Onto Your Property

Arizona Communities, Tempe AZTempe, Arizona likes to party. We are home to the Fiesta Bowl Block Party on New Year’s Eve, there is always something going on at Tempe Marketplace, and of course the Arizona State University keeps things hopping. People love gathering in Tempe for a good time and we love having them.


Avoid Personal Injury Claims

Think about the people who come to your own home on an annual basis. It probably includes neighbors, friends and family. The list would likely include a variety of pizza and package delivery men. It may include co-workers, the neighborhood kids, salespeople, and lawn care workers. These are people who are on your property for business, to socialize or to perform work. Each of them is a candidate to file a personal injury claim.

What To Do When An Accident Occurs

Accidents can happen quickly. In just an instant a loose step, broken sidewalk or foreign object in your yard can cause an injury. This is when you’ll be glad you had enough liability coverage on your homeowners insurance.

  • If you are unsure of your limits, check your policy or call Lifetime Investments for a homeowners insurance review.
  • We are an independent insurance agency with access to multiple companies to compare rates. If you live in the 85280 zip code, contact us for a homeowners review.
  • If you would like a quote, visit our website. By answering a few questions you can get a comparative quote on your auto or homeowners insurance. You can also contact us for more information.

Arizona Communities

We are a very social community. If you enjoy having people over to your home, make sure you have adequate liability coverage to protect you in case of an injury claim. Accidents can happen in an instant and you want to be protected. Contact Lifetime Investments for a homeowners insurance review and an affordable quote.

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Jan Vitale

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Arizona Home Insurance Terms Not Always Simple

Jan Vitale Arizona Independent Life Insurance AgentYou would think Arizona home insurance terms would be simple and straight forward, but life is always interesting, and gets even more so if you spend much time reading about your industry. One of the issues is how the Arizona Department of Insurance defines the term, actual cash value, when it comes time for replacing an asset.

“Actual Cash Value usually means the sum of money required at the time of the loss to repair or replace the property destroyed, less an amount for depreciation. Actual Cash Value equals the replacement cost less depreciation. Some standard home insurance policies cover the contents of your home (i.e., personal belongings) on an actual cash value basis. However, be sure to ask your Agent to add the replacement cost endorsement if this coverage is not automatically provided by the Insurance Company.

Legal Standings

According to the article, written by Shane S. Smith, Merlin Law Group, PA, there has been more than one occasion where there is a discrepancy between what the insured expected and what the insurer was willing to provide. The primary question was the level of replacement when two specific issues were addressed:

  1. First, whether the insured intended to repair or replace the property, rather than engage the services of a general contractor, and if so – whether the contractor’s overhead and profit fees would be included in the actual cash value.
  2. The second being a test of the term, actual cash value, and whether or not it is synonymous with fair marketing value, specifically in the case where the expectation of repairing the property includes the need to comply with building codes not in existence until after a loss occurred. The courts have held the insuring company should not be held in breach by refusing to pay for what would be considered upgrades, even though mandated by local building code changes.

The Good News

The good news… as your Independent Insurance Agent, I have experience and knowledge of similar situations and prepare in advance to educate and protect my client with an extra 10% coverage in the event the above issues should occur.

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Jan Vitale

Arizona Independent Insurance Agent
Proudly serving her clients and her industry for 30+ years

Six Signs of a Sinking Home Foundation

Mesa, AZ Sinking Home FoundationsRepairing a sinking foundation on your home in Mesa, Arizona can be an expensive proposition. It is why it is important to notice the first signs of a problem and take action.



Six signs of a sinking foundation…

  1. You notice stair-step type cracking between bricks or cinder blocks. This can be seen from inside a basement or outside on the foundation walls.
  2. You notice your porch is sinking. You may notice this from the foundation, the posts or even a sloping porch roof.
  3. Windows and doors become more difficult to open or close. Sinking foundations can affect how easy it is to slide windows up and down.
  4. Floors that begin to slope unevenly.
  5. Gaps begin to appear in moldings and trim pieces. These gaps could appear in baseboard moldings or in crown moldings at the ceiling.
  6. Stucco cracks in exterior walls. You could also notice cracks in plaster walls in the interior.

What does your policy cover?

The time to make sure your homeowners insurance covers you for a foundation issue is before you have a problem. That’s why an insurance review from your Lifetime Investments agent is so valuable. As independent agents, we can review the policy of any company. We can point out where your coverage is sufficient and where it may have shortcomings. If you like, we can then seek out quotes from a variety of insurance providers to locate the coverage you want at a price you can afford.

Visit our website today. Answer a few questions online and get a comparative quote on your homeowners or auto insurance. We think you’ll find us more than competitive with your current coverage. If you would like a homeowners insurance review, contact us at Lifetime Investments, where we are committed to helping you make the most of your money. We look forward to assisting you with your Mesa area homeowners insurance.

Making MORE happen for my insurance clients…

Jan Vitale

Arizona Independent Insurance Agent
Proudly serving her clients and her industry for 30+ years