What Every Home Needs in the Fall

Here at Lifetime Investments in Mesa, AZ, we know that there are things that you need to do to your home in the fall to prepare it for the winter months.  For that reason, we have decided to give you a little reminder of some of them.

When it comes to the exterior of your home, yo should start at the top.  Make sure that your roof is looking good.  Inspect it for any loose or missing shingles.  The roof is your home’s first line of defense and when it doesn’t function properly, you can get water damage from leaks and this can lead to the drywall, wood and insulation deteriorating as well as to the vulnerability of things like the HVAC systems, plumbing, and electrical systems.  It is much easier to deal with pesky little repairs in the fall as opposed to discovering that you have a leaky roof right in the middle of a rain or snow storm in the winter.  If you are concerned with safety, hire a professional to check it and make repairs for you.

Once the leaves have fallen from the trees, it will be tie to clean out those down spouts and gutters.  Flush them thoroughly with water and then inspect all of the joints and tighten any hardware if necessary.  A leading cause for ice dams is clogged gutters.  Replace damaged or old ones with new ones that have leaf guards built in.

If you have a pool, inspect the cover for any damage and if you find it necessary, replace it.

If you have a garage, weather strip the door.  Ensure that the seal between the ground and the door is tight in order to prevent drafts but also to keep small animals from creeping inside to find shelter.

Insurance Premium by ZipCode

Auto Insurance, Arizona, Jan VitaleIt is not unusual for clients to call me, and during our conversation express surprise that the zip code in which they reside could make a large difference in their auto insurance.

I recently saw figures that clearly represented a huge gap between people residing on the Sahuarita streets of South Mayford and South Avenida Paso Cortito in Tucson. According to one study of rates paid, just 400 feet made $110 per year difference in car insurance premiums. The same survey reported one zip code  paid on average $1,029 per year in auto insurance premiums, while their closest neighbors pay $919, which represents the lowest rates in Pima County.

Many vehicle owners don’t learn about this variable until they relocate and receive notification from their policyholder that the insurance is – most frequently – going up by a significant amount annually.  If you should happen to move to an Arizona community that reports more lawlessness… you will most likely be increased, through no fault of your own.

Car insurers monitor certain traffic and crime metrics to determine potential payout on claims. Car theft, property damage rates, accident frequency, traffic levels, etc.   Not all insurance companies weigh the same metrics, however; shop around and look for discounts that may apply – regardless of where you live – based on your driving needs.

Jan Vitale

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