What Does Auto Insurance Cover?

As with all insurance, each auto insurance policy is going to cover a different range of things but for the most part, there is a specific amount of coverage that each policy has and that helps drivers on both sides of the accident. For those that live in the Mesa, AZ area, the agents with Lifetime Investments can help you find the policy that is right for you.

The most basic of auto policies is going to cover a specified monetary payout for the other driver. This means that the insurance policy will pay the other driver a specified amount of money to cover things like their deductible in order to file a claim with their own insurance company, money for medical bills, and even money to help make up for time off work. This is called liability insurance and is required for each driver no matter what your car is, what it looks like, or what it is worth.

There are policies that cover more like full coverage policies. Full coverage policies are going to cover the basic amount and more. In most cases, a full coverage policy covers the full deductible of the other driver, money for medical bills, and even money to help the policy holder tie up loose ends and complete the claim. Full coverage policies are required for drivers that have loans out on their cars and that still owe money to their lending agency.

These are both wonderful types of insurance but there are still more. If you have questions about your insurance policy, contact your insurance agent to learn more. For those in the Mesa, AZ area, the agents with Lifetime Investments can help you find the policy that is going to be right for you all around.

Late Night Driving in Arizona

Late night driving is becoming more and more common in many parts of the country, including Mesa, AZ. The reasons vary including longer work hours, farther commutes, more traffic, people working multiple jobs, split families and child care and more. In all these cases people are spending more time on the road after the sun has gone down, and that means a higher risk of an accident or car problem.

Driving at night is dangerous for a number of reasons. First, most people are already tired from a full day of activity. That means a driver’s response time is longer, even if by seconds, that when fresh and alert. Second, driving at night relies on eyesight that no longer has the benefit of color and full detail with light. Our eyes can still see at night but with less distinction of shapes and depth. That too increases the possibility of a mistake, raising the chance of an accident. Finally, drivers are constantly bombarded with opposite car lights which cause drivers’ eyes to have to readjust from dark to light and back to dark again. This constant changing in heavy traffic means a person’s eyes get strained far more than driving during the day. Again, it raises the chance of missing something in a split second.

Statistically, more accidents happen at night than during the day, and lot of that difference has to do with limitations on the driver’s ability to see what’s going on. Understanding this difference, drivers can do a lot to reduce their chance of an accident by findings ways to do more travel during the day than after sunset. To learn more, Mesa, AZ drives can contact their local insurance agent for information and studies on how driving performance is affected at night. Education can be a powerful prevention to a painful alternative of a car wreck.