Tips for Avoiding Road Rage

Controlling your anger is not always the easiest thing to do when you get behind the wheel. Aggressive driving can lead to road rage, which can escalate to something more serious including car accidents, physical altercations, and sometimes death. Lifetime Investments in Mesa, AZ want you to learn a few tips that may help you avoid road rage and the problems that come with it.

Unpredictable Traffic Delays

If you leave at least five minutes earlier than you originally planned, you could miss heavy traffic and delays that could trigger your anger and produce road rage.

Check the traffic along with the weather before you leave. Traffic can be unpredictable, so if there is an accident along your route, you may have to wait in a long line of vehicles before you get to your destination. Knowing what the conditions are beforehand, you can find an alternative route or leave at an earlier time.

When Other Drivers Become Aggressive

If another driver becomes aggressive or follows you too closely, it is best to slow down, move over, and let them pass. De-escalate the situation before it becomes a screaming match across traffic lanes.

Handling Speeders

People who speed can sometimes get your blood pressure boiling. They tend to blow through traffic without realizing the danger they are putting everyone else in. Try to let them drive around you and get out of their way. Don’t put your life at risk because of someone else’s bad judgment.

In Mesa, AZ, Lifetime Investments wants to make sure that you are safe on the road. They have qualified independent insurance agents to provide you with the right kind of auto insurance. They can also get you started with building the perfect coverage for your home, commercial, life, and specialty insurance policies.

Putting in a Pool? Here’s What You Need to Know about Homeowner’s Insurance

While the rest of the country may think that residents of Arizona can splash away in their pools all year long, they forget just how cold the desert ground gets at night even when the temperature by day in Mesa, AZ may be in the seventies or eighties.  The truth is, to swim all year long in Mesa, AZ you need to heat your pool at least six months out of the year.  

For the really hot summer months when temperatures can easily reach triple digits, a backyard pool feels like a gift from the gods.  If you are planning on putting in a pool, you may have questions about how this will affect your homeowner’s insurance policy.  At Lifetime Investments, we have the answers for you.  

1.  The first step you should take is to contact the home insurance company with whom you have a policy.  All in all, pools are considered a liability and must be treated as such right from the beginning. This means you need to call your insurance agent or company right away, even before the shovel hits the earth so that you are covered right from the start.  

2. Typically, homeowner’s insurance covers a pool.  An amount for the coverage is then added to your premium. However, there are usually differences in coverage depending on whether your pool is above ground or in-ground.  The added premium amount will also depend on the pool’s expense.  If you decide to dump $100,000 into a backyard oasis versus $20,000 for a simple in-ground pool, the added premium amount will surely differ.  

Still have questions about how putting in a pool will affect your homeowner’s policy? Call and speak with a friendly Lifetime Investments agent today at 480-720-3600.

BIG ISSUES – Shady tactics, scams and identity theft

BIG ISSUES – Shady tactics, scams and identity theft

As an independent insurance agent, I pride myself in serving my community and take my responsibility very seriously.

From time to time, I am, in that responsibility… compelled to speak loudly and take a BIG stand for what I consider BIG issues. There has been a tsunami of scammers and hackers who are instilling an overall sense of public panic, and now people are being victimized by Obamacare “scams” that spread false information about potential changes to health insurance regulations – all with the intent to frighten people into turning over their money for an alternative coverage.

Social media, news headlines and threats of repealing the current program with yet another… all scammers have to do it point to the buzz and tell an unsuspecting, and an already frightened public to “Act now!”

This is not the first scam identity thieves have taken advantage of. We have seen IRS scams that resulted in delayed refunds and opened doors for scammers to convince people “they” can secure the much-needed refund earlier. Another controversial political events that leave us vulnerable includes student loans… debt forgiveness programs at a cost for a service that is actually provided for no fee.

What can we do to protect ourselves? Steel ourselves against knee-jerk, fear-filled reactions; take a calm mature approach to any corrective action we may need rather than buying into something that plays on the human attraction to immediate gratification. Keep in mind that most of these shady tactics and scams are more often designed to steal your money AND your personal identity, which follows. Before saying yes to any offer that seems too perfect, too good to be true – do your research – and the greatest percentage of the time, you will discover it is not to your best benefit to say yes.

I hope you have enjoyed this article; that it has made you think and reconsider just how cautious you must be: unfortunately, just short of being paranoid!  What I want to effect with the Identity Theft articles in the newsletter is to impress upon my readers how easy it is for almost anyone to fall victim to these predators.
I also want to reiterate it you don’t have some sort of identity theft protection, the financial devastation could be huge. As part of my insurance portfolio, I do offer an Identity Theft Protection Plan through my professional relationship with Legal Shield. If you would like to know more about this plan, I invite you to review my website:
You can make your purchase right from the website, or call me at 480 720 3600 to discuss any questions you may have about the product and services.


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