Best Place to Park Your Car

One of the worst feelings is coming out of the grocery store only to discover someone has door banged your car. Not only can a door bang leave a bad dent in your car, but it can also scratch the paint, both of which can be extremely costly to fix. This is why it is so important to make sure you are taking caution when choosing a spot to park. Here are a few tips you can follow to help you avoid getting your car door banged.

Be mindful of the cars around you

If you park in between two cars that don’t look like they have been well-taken care of, this is a good indication their owners likely don’t care about what happens to your car either. This is why you should avoid parking in between cars that don’t look well-taken care of. 

Consider parking farther down the lot

If you don’t mind walking a bit farther, you can always park farther away from the store in a spot that is not surrounded by other vehicles; this is probably the best way to avoid getting door banged. 

Leave plenty of space

If you park in a spot that doesn’t have much space, this means that when you open your door it will probably be able to touch the other cars your parked by, and if this is the case, this means their doors can touch your car too. This is why it is so important to avoid parking in spots that are tight on space. 

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The Best Ways to Protect Your Arizona Home From Pests

Residents of Mesa, AZ know that the area has an interesting and diverse ecosystem. This ecosystem includes various types of insects and creatures. Being a homeowner means having a huge stake in protecting your home since it is one of those Lifetime Investments. Here are some of the best ways to protect your home from those annoying little pests.

Seal Your Home

Sealing is a great way to protect your property from pesky little critters. It involves filling in cracks that creatures live in or use to gain access to your home. This includes walls, doors, and outdoor structures such as cement garden walls and fencing.


Landscaping is another necessary step in pest control. Snakes like hiding in tall grass, so keeping your lawn short will ensure they have little place to hide. By keeping any trees on the property trimmed and foliage groomed, you can reduce the number the creatures that enjoy love living there. It also prevents uninvited guests from having easy access to the roof of the home.

Exterminate Regularly

Spray inside and outside the home on a regular basis to keep unwanted pests away. An exterminator is a great way to maintain a pest-free home. A professional can also give you additional tips on the specific ways you can protect your home.

Pride in your home is a part of living in Mesa, AZ, so it makes perfect sense that you want to ensure your Lifetime Investments are as safe as possible. Pest prevention is just one part of protecting your home, and home owner’s insurance is an essential part of that protection. To get more information on home owner’s insurance and how you can ensure you are protected all around, contact one of our agents today.

Tax Season = Identity Theft Concerns

Everywhere you read there are red flags about being more concerned than ever about identity theft; after all, it is tax season!

Just yesterday New Hanover County, NC news headlines contained a request by authorities to find a couple accused of identity theft and credit card fraud… in a spree that started January 21st. The couple had secured cards and information from local credit union members, with activity continuing throughout Jacksonville and Myrtle Beach, SC.

And a few days ago KSTP 5-Eyewitness news reported significant crimes occurring in the Twin Cities: Children’s financial identities are being stolen and parents often don’t know it’s even happened until much later, according to law enforcement. The article referred to a Carnegie Mellon University study identifying that more than 10 percent of the minors experienced another person having used their Social Security number—a rate 51 percent higher than a similar report in 2011.

A big flag went up when I recently read about the influx of identity theft in Albuquerque and police officers recounting an event in 2013 when a young man returned home from work and found his laundry room open and a few high priced items stolen. At first glance, he felt he could deal with that, but… in the ensuing investigation, he found more disconcerting the theft of items from the fire safe hidden in the laundry room! Gone were immunization records, social security card—essentially everything he needed to verify his identity. It actually took him the better part of the week even convincing the investigating officers “he” was the owner of the home. His bank records had been changed, his accounts drained and several other credit cards issued to the thief.

What this tale notes so clearly for Arizona communities is that in the case of identity theft you are victimized twice! Once in the theft and again in having the struggle to reclaim your real identity, undo the damage done by the theft, and tend to the tasks of putting a stop to further criminal actions—often for many years future forward.

Although the home invasion is more personal, the damage done from mail being stolen from your mailbox can be just as bad. It may be inconvenient to use a paid postal box, but that is far better than the horrifying knowledge of just how vulnerable you are to the possibilities of someone walking along the street can grab sufficient information to replace you in life! Protect yourself at all costs; protect your neighbors should you see strange behavior around anyone’s mailbox by calling 242-COPS and download the following PDF for a list of tips and resources.

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