Your Beauty Salon is Not as Safe as You May Think

Never assume that just because your beauty salon business is doing well that nothing can go wrong. Instead, be aware that you can always face a costly lawsuit. This is one reason why industry analysts believe every salon should have comprehensive insurance. You should get in touch with the knowledgeable staff at Lifetime Investments to find out more about these policies.

To help you become more familiar with what can happen, the following are some common problems faced by salon owners in Mesa, AZ and beyond.

1.Your Stylists Can Make a Professional Mistake

If your salon has achieved any amount of success, you have probably had to hire employees. Even the smallest hair care businesses have two to three staff members. Some work full time, others are on-call. Nevertheless, to clients, these stylists represent the business.  

When something goes wrong, clients rarely threaten the individual who made the mistake; instead, they come for the owner.

Your employees, despite being independent contractors, will probably not have any form of professional insurance. Moreover, they might have any assets to pay off a lawsuit judgment. These are reasons why angry clients will sue you rather than the stylist who did something wrong.

2. You Can Be Held Liable For Products Sold

Selling beauty supplies is smart business. Clients are already in the right frame of mind to make a purchase. They have just gotten a new hairdo and will want to maintain it for as long as possible. You can strategically place hair products that will help them do so.

Yes, hair care supplies can be a good source of income. However, since you have them in your shop, you could be held accountable for certain defects.

Buyers have been known to sue. You can be held at fault, especially if you sold to a minor or something you said was taken as a product endorsement. The very fact that you display the items in a conspicuous place in the salon could be seen as vouching for their safety.

Get Adequate Salon Insurance Now

As you can see, your salon is not as safe as you may have thought.

The wise move is to get comprehensive salon insurance now. Do not lose everything you worked hard to build. Speak with the professionals at Lifetime Investments about the best policy for your Mesa, AZ business.


Are Notaries Responsible for Their Notarial Acts?

If you’re a notary in the Mesa, AZ area, you may not be clear if you are responsible for any errors or omissions you make. The answer is yes. You can be held personally and financially responsible. As a notary, you can be held liable for any amount of damage caused by any act that might be considered misconduct when performing a notarization for someone. Even if you work for a company and perform a notary service while you are working, you are can be held personally responsible.

The notary commission belongs to you, not your employer.  Because you are personally accountable for your seal and journal, it means you are responsible for any official acts you perform.  Your employer may carry business liability insurance, but this may not protect you from liability. It is important to carry your own notary errors and omissions insurance to make sure you are covered if someone does file a lawsuit against you.

Even if someone thinks you made a mistake, he or she can sue you. While you may not be found in error, the cost of managing a lawsuit can be staggering.   Notary errors and omissions insurance is not legally required, but it can provide protection for you personally. Notary insurance can cover the cost of lawsuits and claims that result from an unintentional error up to the policy’s limit. This can include court costs, legal fees, and other expenses you may incur.

Lifetime Investments

Lifetime Investments is an independent agency providing insurance needs for those in the Mesa, AZ area. Contact one of our agents to explore how notary errors and omissions insurance can help protect you. An agent will take the time to search for the right notary coverage to fit your needs.