What is Notary Service Insurance?

If you are looking into becoming a notary, you will be required to carry Notary Service Insurance, also called errors and omissions insurance. In most states, a policy is required to be licensed as a notary. One of the questions that we at Lifetime Investments are asked by those new to this type of insurance is what exactly is it and what does it cover. Here are the answers to these questions. 

Notary service insurance is designed to protect you in case you make an error when completing the notary process. This includes allowing someone to sign a form that they shouldn’t, incorrectly signing on the wrong line, or failing to look at identification before allowing the parties to sign documents that need to be notarized. 

If you make an error on a notarized form, a party that is harmed by the incorrect information can come back and sue you. It is your job to follow certain steps as a notary and if you fail to do so or fail to correctly do so, you can be held liable for their losses or damages done to the party. This can cause a huge financial loss to both your business and personal accounts. Notary service insurance helps to insure you against these losses. As long as you were acting in good faith when the error was made, your insurance policy will cover the losses up to the policy amount, that you may have due to litigations or awards. This helps to ensure you and your business are not harmed because of a mistake or error that was made. 

If you are looking to obtain notary service insurance, Lifetime Investments can help. Contact us today to obtain a free quote for an errors and omissions insurance policy. 

Beauty Salons, Nail Salons, And Other Personal Care Operations Have Special Insurance Needs

If you are the owner of a salon providing personal care services such as haircuts, styling, nail care, skin care, tanning, massage, you need to consider the special needs of the business and your customers in order to have adequate insurance protection. It is best to work closely with your insurance agent at Lifetime Investments in Mesa, AZ to make sure any risks that are specific to your business, including any chemicals and equipment you work with are covered as well as your employees and your facilities.

Lifetime Investments in Mesa, AZ are the experts you can count on for insurance of any salon operations.

Salon Considerations

Things to consider include:

  • Personal care issues
  • Chemical used for treatments
  • Legal working status of employees
  • Product liability

The agents at Lifetime Investments in Mesa, AZ are well versed in the specific needs of any owner-operated salon and understand all the insurance requirements.

Naturally, you will need to insure the premises against any potential risk of damage. Additionally, you will need to insure the clients against any accidental harm. The types of insurance necessary depend on the activities that occur in each salon. There are different insurance requirements for a tanning salon in comparison to a salon that only offers skin care.

There are concerns about the equipment used in these operations, the problem with cross-contamination between clients and the toxic chemicals that are used in the business operations. All of these factors are considered by a competent insurance underwriter when working with a business owner to create adequate insurance coverage for their operations.

Reach Out To Your Agent

Be sure to check with your agent at Lifetime Investments in Mesa, AZ. Lifetime Investments in Mesa, AZ gives a free insurance review to make sure you have adequate coverage for all of your salon operations. They have many client s that work with salons and are the experts you need to talk with to make sure you have adequate insurance coverage.