5 Tips to Save You Money On Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is without a doubt one of the costliest purchases that many consumers hope never to use. Whereas it is always prudent to purchase the right Mesa, AZ auto coverage, it often costs more to insure new vehicles as compared to 5, 7, or 9-year-old cars. The following are 5 helpful tips from Lifetime Investments, LLC on how you can save money on your next auto coverage:

1. Do Not Let Your Insurance Cover Lapse

Even if you have only been insured for a single year, the rates are likely to drop by 7.7 percent. Discounts offered by many insurers are often affected by the total liability coverage amount captured on your policy. This means that the higher your liability limits, the better discounts you are guaranteed to get.

2. Consider Bundling

It is common for an insurer to provide an attractive discount on your auto insurance if you have purchased another insurance policy from them. It could be a homeowner’s, life insurance, or even renter’s insurance. Lifetime Investments, LLC serves Mesa AZ and the surrounding cities and offers a wide range of insurance packages.

3. Ensure You Maintain Good Credit Scores

Insurance companies are often allowed by the state authorities to use credit score results when setting premiums. Inquire from your insurer whether they do this. But be sure to regularly check and correct any credit reporting errors that you may have.

4. Always Be Ahead of the Game

It is best to make sure you get your cover at least 10 to 15 days before it lapses to guarantee you better rates. It is a helpful tip if you already know that your auto insurance policy is due for renewal and are interested in switching insurers.

5. Drive Safely

Even though this is a good tip for your general well-being and for the safety of your fellow motorists, it also saves you from potential rate increases. Accidents often lead to an increase in your annual premiums.

For more information on auto insurance and coverage options, feel free to contact our offices via email or telephone. You can also visit our Mesa, AZ offices, and one of our agents will answer any questions that you may have.


Upscaling Your Commercial Policy

Your Mesa, AZ business can grow without warning. Maybe you wanted to keep it small, but the industry will have a say in it. If your brand is really taking off, there might not be much you can do but ride the wave.

So if you’re ready to upgrade your commercial policy, you’ll need to consider where you need additional protection. For many business owners, the first thing that they need to upgrade is their employee protection. This is where things tend to get out of hand very quickly. Today you’re hiring a few extra temps to help with a bulk order, tomorrow you’re doubling your staff. So investing in workers’ compensation right now can be a big help in the near future. You don’t want to be paying out of pocket if an employee makes a claim.

Property is self explanatory: When you expand your real estate, you get the insurance to protect it. General liability is one that throws some people off, though. As your business grows, you have a lot more foot traffic on the grounds. This means you have more risk, more people who are possibly going to slip and fall on your premises. So general liability, along with workers’ compensation, is something to consider upgrading as soon as possible.

If you call Lifetime Investments with your concerns, they can help you to figure out exactly what you need, or if you’re ready to upgrade your policy in the first place. You can’t always predict how and when your business is going to grow, but when it does, you need to make sure that your insurance policy reflects your current needs.