What is Salon Insurance?

If you own a beauty salon in Mesa, AZ, you need to understand that it means a lot to the people/community it serves. For this reason, it is worth protecting yourself and your clients from any incidents. This is where Lifetime Investments comes in to offer salon insurance.

Although you may have loyal customers and you always follow directions while offering these important services, accidents can happen all the time. So, as you concentrate on developing your business and satisfying your customer’s needs, it’s essential to get the right salon insurance plan to protect you from any financial loss.

Salon insurance for Mesa, AZ salon owners

If you’re like most salon owners, your beauty salon business is your sole source of revenue. Whether you have just started or trying to expand, you require the right salon insurance plan to keep your business secure. So, if you own a nail salon, hair salon, spa, or you provide a wide range of esthetician services, you’ll require the following types of salon coverages:

Salon liability insurance

This coverage offers financial protection if one of your customers incurs property damage or bodily injury in your salon and sues you. For instance, if the floor is wet and a client slips and falls, this plan will pay for their medical expenses, any settlement amount you owe, and your legal defense expenses. Be sure to set a higher limit for the liability coverage.

Property & casualty coverage

This will cover any damage to the property that houses your beauty salon, whether you own or lease it. The casualty coverage will protect the equipment you have in your salon like chairs, counters, computers, beauty products, styling equipment, and tanning beds. Note that the coverage doesn’t include the glass walls.

Workers compensation insurance

If you have workers, you need this coverage to protect them from illnesses and on-job injuries. Other than paying the rehabilitation expenses and medical bills, it will protect you from lawsuits.

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How to Get Notary Insurance in Arizona

In Arizona, all notaries are required to buy and maintain a $5,000 notary surety bond that must be valid for their full four-year commission. The notary bond offers protection against monetary losses that are caused by improper conduct by an Arizona notary, however, the bond does not offer insurance protection. For additional protection, a notary can purchase and errors and omissions (E&O) insurance policy that protects the notary against unintended errors or omissions that cause financial harm to others. For example, E&O insurance protects against the following scenarios:

  • Having your name placed in a lawsuit, even if you’re completely innocent
  • Protection against a criminal falsifying your commission information in order to forge your signature on a document without your permission or knowledge

If you’re looking for further protection as a notary, contact Lifetime Investments—which serves Mesa, AZ.

Step One: Purchase a four-year, $5,000 notary bond

You must fill out an application with the Arizona Secretary of State’s website to become a notary. You’ll be asked for your notary bond number, the notary bond issue date and effective date, and the bonding company name.

The bond effective date on your application must be within the 30-day period between when you purchase the bond and the state receives your application.

Step Two: Finish and Print Your Notary Application

After completing your online application, print out the paperwork, take it to a notary and have them execute an “Oath of Office,” which you’ll sign, and then mail the application and notary bond to the Arizona Secretary of State.

Step Three: Order Your Supplies

Finally, you can order your notary supplies, such as a record book and a self-inking stamp. After this, you’re ready to begin!

If you’re looking for further protection as a notary, contact Lifetime Investments, which serves Mesa, AZ, for information on E&O insurance. Some of the benefits of E&O insurance include:

  • Legal representation by an expert in notary law
  • Your legal fees, claim, and court costs are paid for
  • You often don’t have to pay a deductible or pay back any losses