Different Kinds Of Commercial Insurance

When it comes to protecting your Mesa, AZ place of business there is no shortage to commercial insurance options. Of course, not every insurance policy is right for you. It really depends on what kind of business you run, your employees, and what service you make or offer. Whatever business you own though just know that Lifetime Investments can help you find the right insurance for your place of work. 

Business Auto Insurance

Do you (or employees) drive a vehicle for work? If so, your regular auto insurance likely does not protect you here. Due to this, you’ll want to opt into business auto insurance. 

Property Insurance

This kind of insurance is not just for if you own the property your business is located in. Even if you rent, you’ll want to consider property insurance as it protects valuables inside your company. From pizza ovens to large manufacturing hardware, if one of these items is damaged it might bring down your entire operation. With property insurance, you’ll have the financial protection for the equipment. 

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

If an employee is injured at work while performing work-related actions you are responsible for their medical bills and lost wages. Worker’s compensation will cover these expenses. It’s far less expensive to deal with worker’s comp than a potential lawsuit. 

Business Liability Insurance

If someone is injured at your place of business (or when using something your company makes), they may attempt to sue you. Business liability insurance helps cover the cost of an attorney. 

With so many kinds of commercial insurance policies out there, it is important to know what kind your business should take advantage of. If you own a company located in or around Mesa, AZ you should give Lifetime Investments a call. The team will help you pinpoint the right protection for your company. 

Why is salon insurance important in Mesa, AZ

Salon insurance is a specific type of coverage that will benefit business owners.  For those who are serious about running a salon and staying in business, this can be one of the best Lifetime Investments to make. 

Why is salon insurance necessary? 

Unfortunately, salon employees do sometimes make mistakes or the business will have to endure some kind unforeseen problems. These issues can cost thousands of dollars, especially if a client requires medical treatment after a botched procedure. LAwsuits and legal fees quickly add up, and they can even bankrupt smaller salons. Most salons are also considered small businesses, which means that something like a robbery or damage from severe weather can but the entire business in jeopardy, as salons rarely hold large cash reserves. The three main categories covered by salon insurance include liability for accidents, coverage for claims from employees for workers compensation and other incidents, and property coverage that protects the physical space from various kinds of damage. 

How does salon insurance work? 

Owners can discuss their needs with a local insurance agent from Lifetime Investments to get information about things like policy costs, deductibles, and a rundown of any accidents that would be covered. Like most other kinds of insurance, salon owners will pay their premiums at a certain time interval, and they can make claims as losses or damages happen. 

Get more information today

Anyone who is interested in Salon Insurance in the Mesa, AZ area can contact Lifetime Investments to speak with an agent about the specifics of their business. They will provide helpful information that can be used when setting up your policy.