Its all about Community! Queen Creek AZ

At the end of the day – when you build a business based on relationships, it is necessary to embrace the idea of “community.”

Its all about community - Queen Creek AZWhen you live, love and work in a particular community, it is important to know what is going on – so you can engage and participate at a higher level. As an Independent Insurance Agent, a large portion of my business comes from the East Valley population in Queen Creek.

I get excited when I someone lets me know the fun events that bind community members, so I wanted to share a few online connections I use – in hopes you can stay a little more involved and take advantage of the activities designed to strengthen the sense of Queen Creek’s own style of “connective community!”

Request a Visitor’s Guide:

Community Guide: The “Community” menu highlights services, facilities and programs available to residents including a downloadable Community Guide, list of community organizations, recreation classes and information on how to pay your utility bill. Easy-smeasy – just click on an action word on left navigation menu to see what options are available.

How I Stay Connected:

It has been said, “Aspiring minds want to know.” That is important to me. I want to know who my clients are, what things are important to them, and how I might best support them by showing up and truly connecting with them there – where they live and play. Aside from using Google Alerts, this link is the “tool” I use; I thought you might want to know where you can find events that might enrich your lives.

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