Three Tempe, Arizona Websites That Can Help Your Business

Arizona Commercial Insurance Tempe ArizonaNestled next to Phoenix, Tempe, Arizona is very much its own community. We have our own events, personality and unique businesses. If you are a business owner in the city, here are three websites that may help you in your business.

The Tempe Tourism Office

Why should an area business owner check out the local tourism website? Well, first it is uplifting to read about what all we have here. But just as importantly, it has a nice listing of area events. These are events your business may be able to tie into or participate in. Take a look and get involved. It helps your visibility and branding.

The City of Tempe

The City’s website has an entire section dedicated to businesses. There is an area for keeping and expanding business, an area for small and home based businesses, a section for the Mill Avenue District and much, much more. It is certainly worth a look.

The Tempe Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber website has links to starting a business, a business toolkit, hiring an intern, job postings and a member to member benefits section.

There is another website that may help you as well. That is our website at Lifetime Investments. On our website you can get comparative quotes on your personal auto insurance as well as your homeowners insurance. If you have a business in the 85280 zip code area, we can also assist you with your commercial insurance. Our independent agents are not limited to the offerings of one insurance provider. They can search multiple companies to get you the best rate, without cutting corners on coverage.

If you would like to know more about we can help you save on the commercial insurance for your Tempe business, contact us. At Lifetime Investments we work to help you make the most of your money.


Jan Vitale
Independent Insurance Agent
Proudly serving her clients and her industry for 30+ years

Six Signs of a Sinking Home Foundation

Mesa, AZ Sinking Home FoundationsRepairing a sinking foundation on your home in Mesa, Arizona can be an expensive proposition. It is why it is important to notice the first signs of a problem and take action.



Six signs of a sinking foundation…

  1. You notice stair-step type cracking between bricks or cinder blocks. This can be seen from inside a basement or outside on the foundation walls.
  2. You notice your porch is sinking. You may notice this from the foundation, the posts or even a sloping porch roof.
  3. Windows and doors become more difficult to open or close. Sinking foundations can affect how easy it is to slide windows up and down.
  4. Floors that begin to slope unevenly.
  5. Gaps begin to appear in moldings and trim pieces. These gaps could appear in baseboard moldings or in crown moldings at the ceiling.
  6. Stucco cracks in exterior walls. You could also notice cracks in plaster walls in the interior.

What does your policy cover?

The time to make sure your homeowners insurance covers you for a foundation issue is before you have a problem. That’s why an insurance review from your Lifetime Investments agent is so valuable. As independent agents, we can review the policy of any company. We can point out where your coverage is sufficient and where it may have shortcomings. If you like, we can then seek out quotes from a variety of insurance providers to locate the coverage you want at a price you can afford.

Visit our website today. Answer a few questions online and get a comparative quote on your homeowners or auto insurance. We think you’ll find us more than competitive with your current coverage. If you would like a homeowners insurance review, contact us at Lifetime Investments, where we are committed to helping you make the most of your money. We look forward to assisting you with your Mesa area homeowners insurance.

Making MORE happen for my insurance clients…

Jan Vitale

Arizona Independent Insurance Agent
Proudly serving her clients and her industry for 30+ years

How Do Agents Help Obtain The Best Insurance Quotes?

AUTO INSURANCE Tempe ArizonaHow do agents help obtain the best quotes? You just have to connect with one in your area and experience the results. For example, Jan Vitale, an Independent Insurance Agent in Arizona keeps apprised of all thing insurance, and all things community. If you are considering Tempe, Arizona for relocation, she will help you discover a growing city located in the center of the state. She will also show you just how close it to Mesa, allowing many people to commute from city to city for work.

Zip Code 85280

Jan would show all the zip code 85280 area has to offer, including Arizona State University and several stadiums and arenas. You would want to know the home values are higher than the state average, but there are a lot of benefits to living there.

When Life Happens

When it comes to insurance, Jan will protect you – in the unfortunate event something happens. When life happens, you can’t plan for an accident or damage to your vehicle, but Jan makes sure your policy and coverage are in place when you need it the most.

Working with Jan you can rest assured you get the best quotes in Tempe  – or any other Arizona community, because she is independent and isn’t restricted to working with one insurance company over another. This allows you to see what companies are truly the best as Jan informs you what each has to offer, what their reputation’s are, and what their claim turnaround may be.

Keep it simple…

Life gets simple when you use Jan to help you engage in a little comparison shopping for Arizona insurance,  relieving you of the challenge  of contacting all of the individual insurance companies on your own. For example; should you reside in, and need car insurance in the 85280 area, the easiest thing is to contact Jan and let her do the work! Not only will you save time, but tons of stress.

The process is not a simple one for Jan! First she must establish the type of coverage you need, and then take on the task of contacting the various car insurance companies, based on her experience and knowledge, to get quotes. She then takes all the time necessary to review the options to compare just what is being offered, so you can make an informed decision to secure the best possible policy within the marketplace.

If you are ready, so are we!

When you’re ready to see firsthand how much an independent agent can assist, contact us.  Jan and her qualified staff are ready to begin pulling quotes and answering any questions you have about insurance in Tempe, or other Arizona communities.

Making MORE happen for my insurance clients…

Jan Vitale

Arizona Independent Insurance Agent
Proudly serving her clients and her industry for 30+ years