Arizona Holiday Events 2106-2

In case YOU want to have the luxury of coming to ONE place to discover all the things you can do in the last 90 days of 2016, you will love the links gathered together here! Best upcoming events


10 Best Holiday Attractions in Phoenix:  Celebrate the Season in the Desert~

Attribution to:  Patricia Escarcega:Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tucson Local Expert

Patricia says, Don’t leave Phoenix without taking a scenic drive through South Mountain Park, a desert mountain preserve with incredible panoramic views of the city.



Arizona 2016 Winter Holiday Events

   Arizona communities are close to my heart… not only the people with whom I connect but the myriad businesses and organizations that support them.  I don’t know when you begin celebrating the winter holidays; some people start with Christmas in July while others start pulling down the decoration boxes as they put away their Halloween supplies. Still others spend Thanksgiving day hanging lights… leaving us with the cliff hangers who finally get inspired Christmas Eve and then decide when, or if, they want to dismantle things.  Whatever your tradition,

   Whatever your tradition, I am sure you will savor each and every moment, but… I do hope you will leave time to actually enjoy the myriad events that make our Arizona communities unique and special to me. It is the events that bring people together in celebration, where love is shared, and life-long memories created. The following list is the result of some pretty extensive research, bringing you a much-needed list in one place so that when your calendar seems a little bit empty… you can have choices of what to do to spread joy in the upcoming holiday season.

Please bookmark this page… the contents will expand.  I will keep everything in date order and make note of the nature of the events in case you need to quickly scroll through a block of time to decide which sounds more fun!

Arizona Events…


October 16th  Moondance
On a beautiful starlit evening in October, friends and supporters of the Heard Museum gather to celebrate distinguished individuals that propel the Heard Museum forward and share the values of the organization’s mission. This year, the event will honor community members Arlene and Giora Ben-Horin as well as world renowned artist Kay WalkingStick, for their contributions to the museum and contemporary American Indian art.
Guests will drink, dine, and dance under the moon while enjoying musical entertainment, an artist tour of the Kay WalkingStick retrospective exhibition, one of a kind raffle prizes and an auction full of exquisite American Indian works of art. It is a true celebration of the museum’s mission and its relationship to the Arizona community. Moondance raises funds to support the Heard Museum’s exhibitions and educational programming.


November 25th  Ornament Marketplace Heard Museum

Enhance your holidays with wonderful Native-themed ornaments hand-crafted by American Indian artists from the Heard Museum Shops during this annual event! Choose from hundreds of various ornaments in different art forms for yourself or for unique holiday gifts. Several Native artists will be offering ornaments featuring carved wood, miniature baskets, pottery, and beads. Ornament prices vary. Admission to the Heard Museum Shop is always free (museum admission additional).

This year’s featured artist is Navajo jeweler Vernon Begaye, who will create only 30 editions of the 2016 Ornament Marketplace signature ornament.

National LIVE Creative Day

Not all my days are filled with quoting commercial insurance policies and comparison rate them with many of the top insurance providers!  Some days are just fun days to experience!

Did you know September 14th is National Live Creative Day? How do you feel when you think actually taking the time to invent, discover and dream? I don’t know about you, but I spent the weekend working on my back yard and I think about how great it felt to infuse creativity in my life and just how it allowed me to express my passion and live a creative life—I felt like I was experiencing the world!

So… today I encourage you to look at this day as one to include a boundless sense of freedom for yourself. Let the rules fall away; unleash your imagination; live creative. If you are not an author, artist or musician that is normally considered a creative, let me say this, “You don’t’ have to be a master at any of these skills to LIVE creative. What could you do today to blend just a little dash of creative into some moment of your everyday life? To what could you expose yourself to the arts to inspire ideas in your home or workplace?

How creative do you live when you engage in your personal hobbies; do they serve to reduce stress and make your days truly enjoyable? What could you do to teach someone else the “art” of personal expression and help them engage in the opportunity for others to see the world through their eyes?

Arizona Independent Insurance Agents LIVE Creative

Now… just what does it mean to LIVE Creative when you are an independent insurance agent ?

It calls for the team members of Lifetime Investments, LLC to be creative, and extremely knowledgeable about providing insurance services and products to our commercial customers. No matter how big or small, we set out to tailor a package of insurance products… perfect for your needs. Under the heading, Commercial Insurance, you will find we can shop around and find the best in price, product, and service for coverages such as:

  • Business Owner’s Insurance
  • Contractor’s Insurance
  • Business Life Insurance & Buy Sell Agreements
  • Municipalities
  • Bonds
  • Worker’s Comp
  • Special Events
  • Special Risk
  • Trucking
  • Daycare Insurance
  • Church Package Policy
  • Schools

and many, many more.

Commercial AUTO Insurance

Maybe your need is for Commercial Auto Insurance, which can cover a wide combination of vehicle types and provide for various areas of potential damage and protection, for example:

  • Hired/Non-owned Auto Liability—necessary when you rent cars or your employees use their own vehicles.
  • Use of Personal Vehicles—did you know insurance policies for the vehicles you own personally may not cover damage to that vehicle if you are using it for business?

You have to know… every business is unique and every day in business equally so, which calls for developing an attitude—willing to LIVE creative – not just on a day designated to that intent, but each and every time we get on the phone with a client who has unique commercial business needs. So… if you need creative thinking in packaging your commercial insurance products, give us a call.

Jan Vitale
Independent Insurance Agent
Proudly serving her clients, her community, and her industry for 30+ years

3 Reasons to Protect your Business Assets With Insurance in Mesa, AZ

Running your own business means making the decisions that make or break a company, it means your schedule is your own but if you don’t put in the time your company may fail, it means you have both the power and the responsibility. There are many perks, but a lot of hard work and investments of time and energy is required. The good news is two fold; one, if the business is a success, you know you earned it and you are by default a success, and two, you don’t have to go it alone great commercial insurance can help protect your livelihood. 

3 Reasons to Stay Protected With Insurance for Your Business

  1. You cannot predict everything that may happen. A storm could put a tree through the window, a fire could cause damage, a company vehicle could be in an accident. Even if you have a savings account padding your assets, you should still have full commercial coverage so if things go bad there is a safety net. 
  2. Basic insurance cannot cover everything. If your company is sued, and loses then the costs could be significant. If you cannot afford to pay this out of pocket and you don’t have insurance or enough insurance, then your assets could end up with a lien against them to settle the debt that occurred seemingly out of no where. 
  3. There are enough things to worry about when it comes to running a business. Keeping top rate insurance coverage means that certain things do not even have to cross your mind, and you can get to the business of running the business. 

Lifetime Investments serves Mesa, AZ and the surrounding areas. We have business owners covered so the economy can thrive and entrepreneurs can live the American dream of living on their own terms and running their successful business. 

Car Insurance: Famous Insurance Fraud Claims

Insurance fraud claims exist in virtually every part of the industry. As I have engaged in researching this topic, I have been shocked, amazed and fascinated… today I want to focus on the things I found relevant to car insurance fraud. I also found there were myriad ways in which insureds attempt to perpetrate fraud, for example:

  1. Staging accidents and faking the depth of injuries.
  2. Adding passengers to claims who were not even in the car at the time of the accident – again faking injury reports.
  3. Exaggerating the extent of injuries and treatment of actual accidents.
  4. Falsifying the extent of damage following a crash; adding pre-accident damages to the mix.
  5. Misrepresenting where the vehicle was located at the time the accident occurred; misreporting damages to parked vehicles actually constitutes car insurance fraud.

The no-fault insurance rules in place in New York set the stage for what may have been the biggest single case of car insurance fraud in history. in 2012 well over three dozen people were arrested in a fraud scheme reported to at almost $280 million. The state rule requires expedient payouts with a minimum of investigation… and according to the state’s laws, the driver and passenger of an accident are entitled to receive up to $50 thousand in benefits – per person – no matter who is ultimately found at fault. Payments for medical treatment are also subject to the same level of expediency, hoping to negate the need for long, drawn-out lawsuits.

The suspects in this extensive fraud actually established medical clinics with the sole intention of defrauding providers – drawing on New York’s no-fault insurance rules. The clinics arranged for unnecessary treatments at myriad fraudulent businesses and providing physician referrals. In return for the referrals, the clinics would, of course, earn kickbacks, as did the recruiters who were paid unbelievable amounts for “bringing” those patients to the party!

The full scope of the investigation was mind-boggling; as the government dug deeper, imagine their own surprise to add to the list a number of prominent New York attorneys and physicians. The count was not small… ten doctors and three attorneys were part of the three dozen suspects who will face between 30 and 70 years for their malfeasance.

What really astounded me was the information that surfaced tied the group to organized crime: the Russian mob. An NBC television affiliate in New York City reported the Brooklyn-based operation was believed to be the largest ever no-fault insurance scheme uncovered. The words used by the Assistant FBI Director says it all. Janice Fedarcyk noted, “The criminal enterprise, while it lasted, was obscenely profitable.”

The more I trolled for information for this post, the easier it seemed to be to uncover the actions of highly unscrupulous “fraudsters!”  In 2011 Florida fought against 25 people who were charged with insurance fraud. Staging accidents, recruiting participants, defrauding auto insurance companies… it was a big racket that called for a “staff” of over two dozen to make it all happen – including  a clinic owner and staff members and several doctors who filed phony personal injury protection claims.

The “sting” which was titled Operation Dark Horizon, brought about 140 criminal charges against the group, following two full years’ investigation; charges which included racketeering, money laundering, and grand theft.

One final story here… a major auto insurance scam masterminded by a Los Angeles-based Armenian-American gang, which has been billed as one of the largest Medicare schemes to date, and responsible for losses totaling a whopping $163 million!

Another major auto insurance scheme was masterminded by an Armenian-American gang in Los Angeles in 2011. Billed as one of the largest Medicare schemes to date, the gang is believed responsible for losses totaling $163 million. Phony crash victims… phony treatments… phony medical clinics – spread out over more than two dozen states. It was no small matter to investigate, but the primary figure, Armen Karazianis, did serve a three-year federal sentence for the part he played.

The stories do go on… a big whiplash “project” that hit Canada in 2012; a fraud ring that took months to break, and damages to be assessed. The stories continued throughout Florida as it claimed the unfortunate title of #3 in the nation in auto insurance fraud, causing Governor Rick Scott to sign a tough anti-insurance fraud bill into law. The big message… insurance fraud is not an acceptable behavior in Florida!

The situations have gotten SO out of hand the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud was founded – by concerned citizens who were compelled to counter the effects the level of fraud wielded on American consumers. After close to 20 years, it remains the only organization that represents both consumers and the insurance industry; it has also strategically become an insurance fraud clearinghouse of information. The statistics that come from the CAIF are startling! Imagine if you will the $80 billion  in terms of lost production and resources. If you do the simple math, broken down per household, this on-going insurance fraud costs each family $980 a year – close to a thousand dollars a family might better spend on living essentials.

What started out as a curiosity factor has led to a passion to inform our public of the possible car insurance fraud activities and embrace their willingness to immediately report suspicious activities.

an Vitale
Independent Insurance Agent
Proudly serving her clients and her industry for 30+ years