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If you’ve bought a home recently in Mesa, AZ, Lifetime Investment can help you figure out the process of the initial insurance home inspection. Among the most important considerations to make is how much you’re going to insure the property for. Like most people, you might think it’s as easy as stating the price at which you purchased the home. However, that does not necessarily reflect the cost of rebuilding the home should you need to. 
Insurance companies and well-established agents like Lifetime Investments, LLC have tools for calculating the estimating the value of reconstructing your home. They also need to consider any special materials and features that went into the construction of your home to come up with an appropriate value, and this is done through an insurance home inspection.

If you have a high-value or an older home in Mesa, AZ, Lifetime Insurance can assist you in a quality insurance home inspection, a process which is advantageous for three main reasons.

1.    They highlight potential risks that can result in losses or injury, allowing you to address them in time and avoid claims.
2.    They help you make an informed decision regarding the amount to get because you will have an accurate valuation of the cost of reconstruction.
3.    They ensure that you calculate the correct insured dwelling value, which is used by your agent to negotiate favorable terms.

Home insurance inspectors look for three things:

1.    Opportunities to increase the safety and security of your home. This includes identifying potential liability risks and fire hazards.
2.    Measurements of the property. The insurance home inspector looks for special features and the type of materials that went into your home’s construction, as well as the need for interior designers and architects.
3.    Whether or not systems such as plumbing, electric system, windows, and heating among other things are up to date.

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