Mended Little Hearts of Phoenix

Arizona charities are just one of the ways I am proud to serve my community. Sharing with others the various charities throughout the Valley is one small way I can participate and bring an increased awareness to encourage others to do the same.

Mended Little Hearts of PhoenixI recently met Angel Olvera at a networking event and wanted to share with you what he does through Mended Little Hearts of Phoenix, where they believe that “Little Hearts Hold Big Hopes.”

The organizations bring families together to inspire hope, healing, and awareness through a variety of services and programs.

Educational Programs: 

Speakers are invited to meetings to discuss topics relevant to the CHD Community (Congenital heart defects) such as:

  • feeding issues
  • nutrition
  • IEP’s and 504 plans for school

Group Programs: 

Each month Mended Little Hearts of Phoenix hosts a program at the Ronald McDonald House (the Roanoke DR location)… to provide invaluable peer-to-peer interaction and create a setting for families to make personal connections with each other.  The meetings also provide a place for children with heart defects to meet other children like them, with familiar scars… and know that they are not alone.  Check the organization’s Events Page for details on monthly programs and upcoming events.

Annual Events:  

Annual Events such as its Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Fair, Halloween Party, and Summer Family Bowling and CPR Certification Training serve as a perfect forum to spread CHD Awareness and Advocacy in the community.  Mended Little Hearts of Phoenix also holds an Annual Holiday Party in December in which heart families can enjoy each others company and kids can have fun!

Thank YOU! Mended Little Hearts of Phoenix for all that you do!