Tips For Keeping Your Car Clean

Sometimes, you car needs more than a quick run through the car wash or a spray down with water and some soap. When the times comes for you to really deep clean some areas of your car, you may be thinking that it will take you a long time to complete it. However, there are some really great tips that you can utilize and make sure that your car is in the best condition possible. Use these tips to really get your car clean without having to overexert yourself.

  • Clean your headlights. Over time, your headlights can become oxidized which leaves them looking cloudy and yellow. There is no need to purchase new plastic covers. You can remove the oxidation with a little toothpaste and some elbow grease. It is as easy as putting the toothpaste on a rag and wiping down the plastic cover. Go over it a few times and rinse. You will love the way it cleans the headlights and how much better you can see at night on the roads. 
  • Clean your dashboard. When your vinyl dashboard starts getting dusty, there is an easy way to clean it up and make it look fantastic. All you have to do it get a damp wash cloth and run it across the dashboard. Just make sure you go over it again with a dry wash cloth to remove any excess moisture from the cleaning. To clean it even better, just add some mild dish soap and wipe the grime away.

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