Will Justice Be Served in Banner Health Data Breach?

Will there be justice for Arizona Communities, and patients of Banner Health for the egregious and negligent breach of contract to protect their personal information from fraud and identity theft?

Taking justice to the top…

Just how far would you be able to personally take a service provider through the justice system if you feel they are responsible for identity theft and its subsequent damage to your financial and personal well-being… because you felt the company failed to exercise prudent and reasonable care in protecting your information?

Media headlines are full of breaking news on data breach events, and unfortunately, a Pinal County woman found herself in Banner Health, where she, of course, provided extensive personal and financial information as the normal course of doing business with the huge medical conglomerate.

She is now part of a class-action complaint against Banner Health following its announcement hackers had broken its security features, compromising the personal information of more than three million patients. The complainants were exposed not only to heightened risk of identity theft and fraudulent activity, they also ask the Court to consider the economic damages, of which the purchase of credit monitoring services are included

Is the burden ours to claim?

Identity Theft, Banner HealthDoes this situation mean we have to complete due diligence on each service provider we use, making sure the company employs security protocols to detect any questionable or unauthorized network activity? Do we have to have some sort of confirmation its system can provide timely and adequate notice of data breaches and can commit to the contractual promise to protect our personal information?

Starting August 3, 2106, physicians and other patients took up the torch to find some resolution for the breach…you may want to follow this suit; it may set a new standard for those holding the personal information of patients/consumers. You may also want to think and reconsider just how cautious you must be: unfortunately, just short of being paranoid! What I want to effect with the Identity Theft articles is to impress upon my readers how easy it is for almost anyone to fall victim to these predators.

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